The music festival that was supposed to be the ultimate getaway for the uber rich elite is now facing a $100 million class-action lawsuit. Fyre Festival organizers, including rapper-turned-organizer Ja Rule and his partner Billy McFarland, are now facing a federal lawsuit that accuses them of fraud and Breach Of Contract.

Promising an unforgettable experience

Prior to the event, a heavy marketing campaign that was promoted by several celebrities and personalities promised attendees a weekend of big-name music performances, bikini-clad models, and top-notch accommodations.

Being an exclusive party, tickets were sold at premium prices with some interested parties paying up to $12,780 per ticket. The entire shindig was to take place on a private island in the Bahamas.

A nightmare in paradise

Attendees who arrived at the venue were sorely disappointed as their deluxe accommodations turned out to be retrofitted FEMA tents and the promised "best in food" turned out to be a piece of bread and a slice of cheese. Almost all of the musical performances were canceled. A lot of people were also basically stuck on the island as they had no way of getting off it right away.

The entire event was planned to be a cash-less affair, where attendees merely had to swipe their wristbands that they preloaded prior to arriving.

That immediately resulted in chaos as there was basically nowhere to swipe the bands and the crew that was at the location was almost non-existent. Due to the chaos that ensued, at least one attendee reportedly had a medical emergency and had lost consciousness.

Facing the consequence

The federal lawsuit filed in California is now accusing the event's organizers of fraud and a clear breach of contract. Particularly mentioned in the suit is Ja Rule, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, and his partner Billy McFarland.

The suit was instigated by an attendee named Daniel Jung, who apparently paid $2,000 for his ticket.

The evidence used in the suit includes the hundreds of pictures that were uploaded online following the entire fiasco. The lawsuit claims that the entire event endangered the lives of its attendees due to the lack of adequate food, shelter, water, medical care, and security. Social media outlets have since labeled the entire event as a "complete disaster" and a "post-apocalyptic nightmare."

Despite the organizers already publicly apologizing and offering full refunds, the suit claims that the organizers may have been aware of the situation weeks before the event took place. Having already known what was going to happen, they apparently still did not inform the ticket holders of the situation.