In January, retired firefighter Bill Brennan made two announcements before 20 anti-Chris Christie citizens in New Jersey. The first announcement was to clear up his intentions for going after Gov. Christie when he asked for a Special Prosecutor in December to investigate him over the Bridgegate scandal. In a similar move -- until they finally got one, congressional Democrats had been demanding a special prosecutor to also investigate President Donald Trump, who Gov. Christie campaigned with during the 2016 presidential campaign and is recognized as being a surrogate for.

Chris Christie's relation to President Trump

In another set of similarities between the two, Brennan's request for a special prosecutor was made with the intention that Trump would not have any influence over the agencies who investigate him that he has power over. This is similar with President Trump because since he's been in office, there was a reason to believe that the President was obstructing justice by getting rid of those who could or were investigating him. Most recently, Trump reportedly told two intelligence officials to push back on the FBI's investigation on him for possible collusion with Russian officials. Towards the end of 2016 when the Trump transition team were setting up for the White House, it was reported that three of Christie's aides were charged and plead guilty over the Bridgegate scandal, for which he was quickly replaced in the Trump team.

Rejections to special prosecutor request

"Bridgegate" refers to the closing of the George Washington Bridge, which crosses over the Hudson River in September 2013, where two of three lanes to the main toll plaza for the upper level of the bridge were closed during morning rush hour. The closure -- which lasted for a nearly five days -- was said to come from Gov.

Christie's office for retribution against the Democratic Mayor of Fort Lee Mark Sokolich, who refused to support the Republican Governor.

In March, it was reported that a New Jersey court had rejected Brennan's request for a special prosecutor, for the third time. The rejection was signed by State Superior Court Judge Bonnie Mizdol.

The second time was in February when it was rejected by Judge Roy F. McGready. Mizdol's recent opinion on the matter provided a timeline of when Brennan filed his requests to the courts but in a separate public defense; Brennan explained that Christie's surrogates in New Jersey's system of government have had to recuse themselves. It's in this case that a special prosecutor would allow an independent investigation to take place without Gov. Christie's influence.

Bill Brennan's second announcement was that he would be a candidate for the Governor of New Jersey as Christie's term ends this year. Bill Brennan has the makings of a progressive candidate who is the complete opposite of the Conservative Governor, who has little interest in shamelessly associating himself with the President as Christie has. Primary elections are on June 6.