Reports out of New York today indicate that Fox News has fired yet another anchor -- this time for reportedly making "racially insensitive" remarks while off the air.

Bob Beckel reportedly 'stormed out' after seeing black technician

According to sources, the outspoken Democratic anchor Bob Beckel "stormed out" of his own office earlier this week when a black male technician came to do some work on his computer for him. Douglas Wigdor, the technician's lawyer, indicated that Beckel claimed he was leaving the office purely because the technician was black.

Additionally, the lawyer asserts that Beckel attempted to intimidate the employee into withdrawing his complaint in a later meeting with Executive Vice President of Human Resources Kevin Lord. Fox News denies the intimidation ever happened, and claims Beckel apologized to the unnamed employee after he was removed from his position.

The 68-year-old Beckel is considered a "veteran" political strategist on Fox's "The Five" program. The show, which, as its name implies, features five panelists' opinions on the current political landscape, recently became a part of Fox's "prime-time lineup" with the firing of Bill O' Reilly.

The disgraced anchor had previous issues with Fox News

Sources claim Beckel has had other issues with the Fox News company before, and only recently returned to the station in January.

Prior to his reinstatement, Beckel was temporarily removed from his post after issues relating to his substance abuse problem came to light. Before his return, Beckel reportedly authored a book chronicling his experiences as both a primetime anchor and a substance abuser.

Many may remember that Fox News' recent firing of Bill O'Reilly after several alleged sexual harassment claims were filed against him thrust the media company into the limelight just a few months ago.

With the financial aid of Fox News, O' Reilly shelled out almost $13 million to women across the country who claimed the talk show giant had participated in a number of unwanted sexual advances since 2002. The allegations spanned from verbal abuse and lewd comments, to "phone calls 'in which it sounded like Mr.

O'Reilly was masturbating.'"

Fox News came under scrutiny for the way it handled accusations against O'Reilly

Although the women were financially compensated, several community members were outraged at the Fox News company's seemingly stubborn refusal to leave the side of their beloved talk show host. In fact, reports indicate that it wasn't until the fifth woman came forward with allegations of O'Reilly's harassment that the company decided to part ways with the 67-year-old. Even then, O'Reilly reportedly received a massive severance package from Fox before he left.

Although Beckel's removal is only the latest in recent firings made by Fox News, records indicate the station still boasts the most viewers in all of cable television.