Reports out of Manhattan today indicate Anthony Weiner, former New York congressman, pleaded guilty to the charge of Sexting a minor.

Sources indicate the 52-year-old was an emotional wreck as he broke down and wept before telling the judge that he has a sickness- but no excuse for his actions.

Weiner previously reached a plea deal with prosecuting attorneys that includes the possibility of him serving somewhere around two years behind bars, as well as registering as a sex offender upon his release.

Weiner wore his ring, despite being separated from his wife

Sources claim that during the court proceedings, the New York City native wore his wedding ring the whole time- though records indicate he and his wife Huma Abedin have been separated since 2016. A few hours after Weiner pleaded guilty, Abedin officially filed for divorce. The couple had been together for almost six years.

In what reporters indicate was a prepared statement, Weiner detailed exactly how his strange relationship with the 15-year-old girl he was accused of sexting unfolded. He claimed that he was contacted by the girl online in January of 2016, and was well aware that she was underage.

Still, he "engaged in obscene communications with the teenager" for almost three months, and, according to his statement, even encouraged her to participate in vulgar and explicit actions.

According to the disgraced politician, he knew his decision to engage with the girl was both "morally wrong" and "unlawful."

Weiner went on to indicate that he realized his "sickness" in the fall of 2016, and chose to enter what he described as "intensive treatment" sometime soon after. He also indicated that he apologized to the minor.

The former congressman was released on bail under strict conditions

The former congressman, accompanied in court by his family members, was released on bail until his sentencing in early September. Though sources claim the judge could decide to give Weiner a sentence of nothing more than probation, he faces up to a decade of incarceration.

As part of his bail terms, Weiner had to surrender both his passport and his cell phone to the court. He is also not allowed to leave New York prior to his sentencing.

Manhattan attorney Joon Kim indicated in a statement that Weiner's conduct was "reprehensible" and criminal, and suggested that he got what he deserved in his conviction.

This latest sexting scandal is not the first for the troubled congressman. Though he represented Brooklyn and Queens for over a decade, a 2011 incident involving his sending explicit messages and texts to women via social media forced him to resign early.

Weiner issued no comment to reporters after his hearing today.