Since his departure of the popular boy band "One Direction" Harry Styles has been off the grid until recently. His first Solo Album entitled, 'Harry Styles' is set to be available publicly via iTunes and music streaming sites like Pandora and Spotify today.

Fans can expect a transition from his usual music style taking on a more pop/rock sound similar to artists' like David Bowie, so it comes as know surprise the success of his recent single 'Sign of The Times.'

Besides the sound, it's Styles lyrics that have fans making comparisons to his relationship with ex-Girlfriend Taylor Swift.

In a recent Twitter video, Harry Styles shared a brief look into the making of his new album which includes a quick preview of his rumored revenge song Two Ghosts.

According to Elle Magazine, the comparisons between the lyrics and Taylor Swift are uncanny, which has us wondering...what took Styles so long to write his comeback song. The couple began dating in the Fall of 2012 and supposedly ended the relationship the following January. However, their short term relationship hasn't stopped the rumors and speculation surrounding the two. With each new song of Swift and even a few One Direction songs were said to be about the recent turn of events.

Most notably Swift moved from music genre country to pop and released an entire album, 1989, with various songs directed at Styles.

Similar to his ex-girlfriend, Harry appears to be doing his own thing.

And despite the rumors, it's been confirmed that the former couple are on good terms although Swift has had her fair share of airtime with the couples' story which includes songs detailing their relationship like, Welcome To New York and Style.

In the preview shared by Twitter user above, the lyrics (in Style's handwriting) describe Swift's appearance with references like "lips red, same eyes blue" and "white t-shirt, couple more tattoos" it's no wonder fans are drawing their own conclusions about Harry's subject of interest.

Besides the obvious, the repetition of "we are two ghosts standing in the place of you and me" could also be an attempt to connect their public image vs. what's real. This is a struggle that many artists and celebrities deal with on a daily basis, his song 'Two Ghosts' may also include this lyric due to the familiarity that both Swift and Styles have experienced in their personal lives.

Regardless, Harry Styles seems like he's ready to shed his boy band image, which starts with clearing up any miscommunication with his former band mates as well as past relationships. And since his appearance on Saturday Night Live we can confirm that he hasn't lost his passion for music and is certainly not going anywhere soon.