Democrat Virginia Congressmen Gerald Connolly’s irrational behavior on Twitter the past three days hasn’t gone unnoticed. His open condemnation of President Trump is still under fire.

Connolly compared President Trump’s firing action, as did the mainstream media, to that of the Nixon-era and Watergate scandal. He also tweeted that the country doesn't have a voter fraud problem but a Russian problem. He also claimed that voter participation is the problem.

Connolly actually laid the blame on the President for obstruction of an investigation.

Strange that that’s exactly what conservatives have been saying for the past few years about Comey and Hillary.

On Saturday, Connolly attacked the media for not recognizing and publicizing his accusations. He tweeted, “Stop chasing shiny objects and look at what’s in front of you: intimidation and obstruction." These, too, are very familiar words that have been reiterated by conservatives since Benghazi about the Obama administration.

Conservative rebuttals

Hundreds of conservatives responded to Connolly’s outrage on Twitter. All have been ignored by mainstream media.

People responded by saying Connolly was unhinged not the President. They told him to quit lying to the public and said there wouldn't be a problem if it were Hillary.

Speaking of Hillary – after her devastating defeat, she and the Democrats blamed FBI Director Comey for the loss. A short four months ago the Democrats called for Comey's removal and now President Trump has done so.

There shouldn’t be any problem here. Comey himself said in a letter to the FBI that “Trump had full authority to fire him.”

Conservative Republicans conflict of interest issues with Comey lies with his various connections with Hillary Clinton. Comey’s Brother Peter works for the firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.

James was general counsel for Lockheed Martin when Clinton was Secretary of State and Lockheed won 17 defense contracts! Comey Joined British bank HSBC Holdings in 2013 which is a Clinton Foundation partner.

The crux of the matter for Comey's firing must be the obstruction of justice and insubordination for President Trump. Comey under the Obama administration refused to take action against former Secretary Clinton for the email scandals or the Benghazi scandal. The truth, at last, may not be enough to set former FBI Director James Comey free.