Chinese pilots gloated their "untested-in-combat" flying skills at a crew of a US radiation-detection plane over the East China Sea. Asreported by the US aviation crew, the incident happened over international waters during a routine flight to check radiation signatures from North Korea.

US labelled Chinese fighter interception as "unprofessional"

The encounter happened last May 17, Wednesday over the East China sea during a routine flight over international waters. The US air force WC-135 plane as designated, encountered two Chinese SU-30 fighter jets, which came close to 150 feet.

The American crew also reported that one of the planes flew upside down a few hundred feet above them gloating its apparent circus Air Show flying ability. According to US air force spokesman, Lt. Col. Lori Hodge, the US plane was on a routine flight over international waters when the unprofessional interception by Chinese jet fighters happened. Hodge also added that the incident is now being investigated and the issue currently addressed to proper diplomatic channels in Beijing.

What is the purpose of the routine flight of the WC-135?

The WC-135 is a radiation-detection plane that is tasked to monitor and detect possible radiation levels which are signatures of a nuclear detonation. The North Korean nuclear program is closely being monitored by the US, especially with Pyongyang's threat to detonate a sixth nuclear weapon anytime soon.

With the currently policy of the Trump administration against North Korea, any detection of nuclear radiation may mean the start of the next Korean war. The Pentagon and President Trump vowed to strike preemptively if North Korea does test another nuclear weapon.

How does China react to US report of unprofessional interception?

China hasn't yet delivered an official statement against the report issued by the US air force. Chinese fighter pilots are undergoing a massive training program to improve their skills, as they have no fighting experience whatsoever. This is a major handicap for China as its entire military has no war experience in recent history.

The growing military of China is a cause for concern to US forces in Asia. Presently, China is in a massive modernization of its military to cope with its regional counterparts such as South Korea and Japan. At the present, the Chinese military continues to lag behind countries allied with the United States in terms of military technology.