Apple has just recently published a new page on its website which outlines their apparent contribution to the country in the form of the jobs it has created across all 50 states. According to Apple, it apparently managed to generate more than 2 million jobs in 2016.

Jobs created across all states

The company reportedly spent over $50 billion through the different payments made to its 9,000 US-based suppliers. Through their orders of different components and other goods, the company has managed to create close to 90,000 jobs across all their different suppliers and manufacturers in the US alone.

Their supply chain also continues to benefit from the company's success in its different offerings through increased orders and further expansions of their respective businesses.

Through Apple's different stores and offices spread across the country, it has employed more than 80,000 people, which has increased from the 76,000 jobs it had reportedly generated last year. The company also revealed that almost all of the 50 states have an Apple Store within their major cities and at least 29 cities do have offices with around 250 employees.

A big increase year-over-year

The total number of jobs that has been generated from its suppliers and manufacturers rose from 361,000 in 2015 to 450,000 jobs in 2016.

Similarly, Apple stated that it has increased its employment outside of Cupertino, California by 28 folds since 2000. All-in-all the company's employment numbers has grown by 1,500 percent since it started. Apple is, of course, planning to gradually increase that number by opening additional Apple Stores and offices in other areas.

Jobs generated from the app developer community

Apple's App Store ecosystem has also grown dramatically over the past few years with more and more apps being added each day. App and game developers continue to thrive in the app marketplace with companies reportedly earning a total of $16 billion in sales since 2008. US-based app developers reportedly employ over 1.5 million workers as of 2016, with that number continually growing.

Big investment for 2017 and beyond

Apple CEO Tim Cook previously announced that his company was going to be creating a new fund that will directly be focusing on Advanced Manufacturing. The company will reportedly put in $1 billion towards that effort, which is expected to drive US job creation even further within the year and throughout the years that will follow.