Cheryl Wassus, who hails from Monroe, Michigan, volunteers with Pets For Vets, which is a nonprofit organization that matches up therapy dogs with military veterans. Organizers for the Motor City furry con, held in Novi, Michigan, invited Wassus to give a presentation at their event held earlier this month.

It turns out the furry con was raising money for her organization, so she believed it to be a pet-themed convention and took her trained therapy dog along with her. Link, her Bernese mountain dog, was reportedly a little confused when he first arrived at the furry con but ended up being a real hit at the event while sniffing the occasional two-legged furry's tail.

Anyone who is unaware of furries, these are people who enjoy role-playing, while dressed up in animal costumes. According to the Huffington Post, while many people assume the concept of being a furry is a sexual fetish, it’s anything but. Laurence Parry of the furry news site Flayrah reportedly told them back in 2014 that being a furry is all about the concept of “What if intelligent animals lived among us,” and from that idea, their role-playing includes costuming, arts and crafts and stories.

‘Pets for Vets’ volunteer had no idea what to expect

This is not what Wassus was expecting at all.

She told New York Magazine that she wasn’t aware that this whole subculture even existed. Wassus went on to say that when they attend various events, they normally set up their tables and then do promos to educate the public. She had no idea that in this case, she would be reaching out to furry people, but she added that you are never too old to learn.

When they asked her to do the presentation, it was apparently not clear exactly what a “furry con” was all about. According to Wassus, she usually does some research before attending events, but the website for the furry con was “pretty obscure.”

Link the therapy dog was a hit at the furry convention

On arrival at the event, she was a little concerned that Link’s presence would offend the delegates at the furry con, but the opposite turned out to be the case.

Wassus said they weren’t offended at Link’s presence at all and that they all embraced him. Having a four-legged furry on site was perfect and everyone loved the Bernese mountain dog. They loved him so much that some great photos were taken off the furries posting with Link, which Wassus’ son, Kenny Wassus posted on Twitter.

The event turned out to be a huge success for Pets for Vets too, as the Motor City Furry Con reportedly raised $10,000 for the organization.