Reports indicate that Syrian President Bashar-al Assad has just accused the US of fabricating the entire story of the recent Syria chemical attack in order to initiate a military attack against his people.

Syrian president claims his regime absolutely did not attack anyone

BBC News reports that in an exclusive interview with AFP News, the man accused of ordering the chemical onslaught that killed dozens is now pointing his finger at countries on the other side of the world. Assad adamantly asserted that in Syria, there was absolutely "no order to make any attack." He went on to state that his Syrian regime gave up its stash of chemical weapons in 2013, when the former Obama administration asked them to.

He then added that even if Syria still had such chemicals, there's no way they would have used them. Ironically, some may remember that the 51-year-old president used chemical weapons on innocent civilians at least two times prior to this year.

Assad says the West is just looking for a reason to attack his people

According to Assad, the Syrian chemical attack is nothing more than some sort of sick game the West is playing in an attempt to attack his government and undermine his authority. He even went as far as to point out specific "stages" of the alleged game. In its first stage, Assad claims the West spread propaganda on social networks and televisions, convincing the public that Syria couldn't care less about civilian lives.

Stage two, he continued, was "the military attack." He then suggested the footage showing the carnage on the street following the alleged attack was fake. In what seemed like an attempt to validate his claims, the Syrian president indicated that Khan Sheikhoun, the area where the alleged attack took place, had no strategic significance and therefore, it would have made no logical sense to initiate an attack.

He concluded his monologue by asserting that the "story" was "not convincing by any means."

Experts say the events involving the chemical attack have already been validated by several different sources

Analysts aren't quite sure what Assad is attempting to do by alleging that nothing ever happened, but they are certain none of the events that took place were staged.

A Jonathan Marcus, diplomatic correspondent for BBC News, claims that first and foremost, the Syrian leader's story doesn't even match up with his Russian ally's version of events. According to Putin's administration, the Syrian chemical agent was released after a bomb accidentally hit a rebel warehouse. Secondly, the American analysts that tracked the plane responsible for the attack are confident that the aircraft flew from its base, to its target, and back to the base. Finally, the sheer number of eyewitness accounts and videos of the attack, combined with the fact that the timing and location of the videos has been verified by numerous professionals, indicates that the devastation simply couldn't have been made up.

President Bashar-al Assad's latest antics seem to have done nothing but place both him and his regime in an even deeper hole.