President Donald Trump is known for getting on the wrong side of not only voters of the opposing political parties but also for disputes with fellow politicians and the media. However this time it is not American citizens that he has offended but the people of South Korea. America has been on great terms with the South Koreans but now many in the country are saying the American President was possibly fed false information by the Chinese Leader Xi Jinping.

What exactly did President Trump say?

It is well known that President Trump met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on April 6th of this year.

However, it is less know that many South Koreans are upset at a comment made by Mr. Trump following these meetings. Quoted as saying "Korea actually used to be a part of China," people are unsure whether this is something from his meeting with the foreign leader or if he simply remembered incorrectly.

Earlier this month President Trump met with the Chinese leader to discuss relations between the two nations including creating a 100-day plan which will address economic issues. After the two days of meetings, the Trump administration stated that progress had been made but no breakthroughs were announced. This news was massively overshadowed by the U.S strikes in Syria where they have claimed seven were killed.

Specifics of this 100-day plan have yet to be announced.

Why are South Koreans upset?

Historians agree that South Korea has never been part of China. The closest thing to this would be when what is now both nations were part of the Mongolian empire during the 13th century. This having been said it is easy to see why South Koreans are upset.

However, is it really such a big deal? This is an easy question to ask when it is not your country being wronged, however, it can be argued that the comment was not meant as an insult but rather was merely a wrong representation of history.

It seems President Trump has unknowingly stepped into a historical feud between the nations of China and South Korea over ancient kingdoms that each nation lays claim to.

The feud, seemingly started at some point during the 1980's, has resulted in both the governments of each nation funding historical projects to prove their country is the true descendants of these ancient nations. With the comment coming from the American President some South Koreans are blaming Chinese Leader Xi Jinping for attempting to teach the new President Chinese-oriented facts that may or may not be actually factual.

South Koreans with be voting next month on their next President. With these elections comes a time of uncertainty for the nation of just over 50 million with the problems between North Korea and the United States as well as the possible change in relations between the United States and China. A feud over ancient peoples should not be of high priority right now but even so a nation's pride is a nation's backbone.