U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson landed in Brussels on Friday to engage in his first NATO meeting. His goal is to push the U.S. plan of expanded Defense Spending in the battle against psychological warfare. His mission is to complete this task before President Trump touches base there in May. NATO nations have a 2024 deadline to meet a common vow to burn through 2 percent of their GDP on protection. Trump is said to be proud in regards to see partners accomplish more at a faster pace. It's not feasible anymore for the United States to keep up an unbalanced share of NATO's discouragement and guard spending.

NATO GDP Statistics

Outside the U.S., defense spending is more than 3.5 percent of the GDP national cost. The United Kingdom, Poland, Estonia and Greece cross the 2 percent margin when it comes to the GDP being used for their defense spending. Others, like France and Turkey, are nearing the objective.

Germany, who President Trump insinuated owes a lot of money, burns through 1.2 percent of their GDP on defense spending.

The cost to defend nations among European partners has expanded within the past year. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will push for a clearer show of his partners' dedication.

Tillerson stated, "Everyone that is not there yet, they need to have a valid arrangement that they can exhibit to different partners to achieve 2 percent."

The outcome

The U.S.

State Department has not indicated whether results end in consequence should NATO members neglect to meet the objective. The goal at hand is to strive harder to achieve better security standards, policies and procedures for the populations of NATO nations all over the world. The 2020 deadline is implemented to encourage NATO members to work harder to achieve a better defense in their regions.

"This is not to help the United States. The reason for this dedication is to enhance the security for every one of us in the transatlantic district," he said.

Red flags have surfaced over Tillerson's expectation to go to NATO's meeting and little has been done to relieve concerns.