The Health and Human Services Department in the United States struggles every day with the opioid abuse rates drastically increasing. As a result, the Clinton Foundation extended its association with Adapt Pharma. The pharmaceutical company is the creator of Narcan.

The Clintons are working with them to contribute over 40,000 unit doses of the medication primarily used as crisis treatment to invert overdoses from opioid abuse. Hillary Clinton communicated her enthusiasm for battling the matter of emergency. Last year amid her presidential crusade, she composed a successful blueprint for handling the opioid epidemic.

Clinton offers opioid treatment plan

Clinton vowed to invest at least $10 billion over the course of 10 years toward a plan she referred to as a coalition that’s willing to battle the fatal epidemic in America which is the addiction to alcohol and drugs.

The proposal was a thorough arrangement in which Hillary Clinton guaranteed to require better preparation and management of opioids prescribed in the U.S. She wanted to enhance treatment programs that provided more preventative measures for patients. Clinton aimed to change the government’s justice system, so it abstained from prosecuting criminal drug abusers and offered simpler access to naloxone on call treatment specialists.

Among the colleges expecting to receive naloxone from Clinton’s newly orchestrated partnership 53 universities currently affiliated with the Ohio Association of Independent Colleges And Universities.

The state has one of the most critical mortality rates in the country when it comes to deaths resulting from prescription overdoses.


Drug manufacturers patented Naloxone in 1961. The FDA first endorsed the medication back in 1971. It is far from addictive. It has an intravenous route of administration. However, drug developers across the U.S.

have recently produced a nasal spray that is seemingly more convenient.

Critics have referred to the medication as the ‘Lazarus drug,’ since it can make the individual administering the medication feel as if their resurrecting the person that overdosed back from the dead.

As the epidemic surrounding opioids continues to erupt all around the United States, specialists throughout the nation attempt to make naloxone more readily retrievable to the public.

The Food and Drug Administration mandates providing prescriptions to obtain Naloxone. However, the state majority in the U.S. grant individuals the option to buy the medication from a licensed drug specialist without it.

Since last year, drug store chains—including Walgreens and CVS—have additionally extended the drug’s accessibility over-the-counter.

Several commentators stressed that naloxone only enables a complex issue, calling the medication's availability a reason for drug abusers to keep devouring it. In any case, most specialists, while attempting to understand the emergency, appreciate all extended efforts, especially when an audit from the CDC discovered a massive heroin-related overdose increase since 2010.

Opioid statistics

Opioid medications are now the primary source of unintended deaths in America. According to data reported by the CDC, the drugs murdered over 33,000 individuals in 2015. Over 50 percent of these deaths result from doctors prescribing the drugs to patients. The United States is only considered to be 5 percent of the world’s population. However, it devours over 80 percent of opioids found on the entire planet.

Even though the Clinton Foundation has no unique partnership with any treatment or recovery centers, it collaborates with these health organizations to guarantee that they provide their services to the public when someone looks to treat their drug addictions.