Gracie Henderson told the Houston Chronicle that she just moved to a new home in New Caney. Since then she has been having a really rough time. According to Henderson, the day she moved in, a water pipe burst. This was followed by her car getting stuck in the mud in her front yard. She also mentioned that her brand new lawn mower decided to stop working. However, what happened next to this texas woman was by far the worst.

Toilet clogs up – no plunger in the house

Reportedly it happened on April 12 when her toilet got all clogged up. With the house move and all, Henderson found she didn’t have a plunger to clear it.

She couldn't face calling the plumber again and she thought it was probably just a wad of toilet paper clogging the bowl. This is when she made a huge mistake, by deciding she could clear the toilet by sticking her hand into the bowl. That's when the crap really hit the fan, so to speak, as her watch got caught in the bend, meaning her hand was also firmly stuck in the toilet bowl.

Medic used to handling crazy situations – but not like this

It turns out Henderson works as a medic, so this was the ultimate in embarrassment because she knew exactly how ridiculous she was going to sound when she called for help.

Before anyone called for assistance, Henderson reportedly told herself that her hand isn’t really stuck, thinking she really didn’t need to dial 911. She told Inside Edition that her and her friends have handled all kinds of crazy things as medics, but she has never had to handle a “hand stuck in the toilet” call out herself.

She said she could just imagine what the first responders would think and the toilet humor that would emerge..

Friend comes to the rescue of the Texas woman

Fortunately for Henderson her friend, Nicole Mullins, was at her new home at the time and was ready to do what any good friend would do – she called for help, all the while catching the whole incident on video for posterity.

Since Mullins posted the video to Facebook on April 13, it has received 1.2 million views and over 11,000 shares at the time of writing, so the story is pretty much out there. Readers can add to Henderson's embarrassment by watching the video below.

After Mullins dialed 911, Emergency Medical Services came to Henderson’s rescue. It got complicated, as first responders had to first completely remove the toilet from the bathroom and then carry it outside into her back yard – with her hand still firmly stuck in the bowl. It was then necessary to take a sledgehammer to the clogged potty to free her hand. One valiant firefighter, Randy Sustaita, told Inside Edition that they told Henderson to shut her eyes and to look away.

They reportedly knew the toilet would break fairly easily.

Henderson told Inside Edition that her son was mortified when all EMS and firefighters turned up at their house. Now all she needs is a new toilet and luckily for Henderson, Inside Edition reportedly gave her a brand new plunger, which she told them is her best friend from now on.