The United States Navy under orders of Trump launched a Cruise Missile attack on a Syrian airbase. His intention was to punish the Assad regime and deter Russian support. He has failed as both Iran and Russia have vowed to support Syria. The Russians are beefing up their defenses in Syria and a greater military commitment is on the cards. This is reported by Al Jazeera News channel.

Changing colors on Assad

The missile attack was only partially successful as out of 59 missiles fired only 23 hit the target. In addition, the Syrian air Force began operations just a few hours after the attack.

They began operations against the ISIS. Positions have hardened and the Russians and the Iranians, the main supporters of Syria are not deterred. The US like the proverbial chameleon has changed colors overnight.Tillerson who a day earlier had said that the fate of Assad would be decided by the Syrian people, has now said that Assad has no place in Syria. He is accused of executing a nerve gas attack, but a full report on this has not yet come. The Russians claim the gas attack was a result of a container exploding during a Syrian bombing attack.

American version suspect

Many all over the world do not trust the American version. The Bolivia rep at the UN security council meeting brandished a photo of general Powel with a miniature vial to show that Hussain had WMD.

He had none. Even the former Mayor of London has said that the Tonkin gulf incident was fabricated. The fact came out after 20 years. Many of Trump's die hard supporters like Nigel Farage have also turned away from him.

Nuclear exchange

Probably Trump was looking for a way to show that he is a decisive president. This swung his decision to attack Syria.

But the man perhaps was not aware that by this attack he has opened the Pandora's box of a nuclear exchange with Russia. One wonders whether he is aware of the consequences of a nuclear exchange. One can recollect that during the election campaign he asked a naive question as to why we have nuclear weapons when we don't use them.

Trump an impetuous man

Trump is an impetuous man and now the US generals and the hard-liners are holding sway. They would like nothing better that war with Russia. It would be catastrophic for the allies though Russia and the USA may survive because of their size. One can recollect that Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet leader said that it would require just 5 H-Bombs to wipe England off the map of the world. The western allies better beware. Trump needs to be contained as the stakes are too high. Sadly, by this attack, he has lost sight of the main battle with the ISIS. Al- Baghdadi would be a happy man.