Pope Francis doesn't usually shy away from preaching the good word and bringing forth his message of peace. However, his recent appearance at a Vancouver-held Ted Talk event came at such an opportune time, especially with the escalating tension between the United States and other countries. The 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church appeared in a video during the event and delivered a stern warning to the World's superpowers, informing them that they should humble themselves lest they face ruin.

A surprise appearance

The Pope appeared in a video that was shown at the 2017 TED conference in Vancouver, Canada earlier in the week.

The pontiff's appearance on screen was met with a loud applause from the audience, who had no idea that there would be a video message from the Pope himself that would be shown during the event. TED's international curator, Bruno Giussani, revealed in an interview that they have been attempting for years to have the Pope appear for a talk and their request was finally granted this year. The Pope spoke in Italian during his TED talk with subtitles overlayed into the video. The footage itself was taken inside the Vatican City.

A message to the world's powerful

One of the most important points that were talked about during the Pope's TED talk was the importance of humility, especially for those who are holding a lot of power.

The Pope explained that those who wield much power have a lot of impact on the people around them, which is why it is important that they choose a path of "tenderness" and that they should act humbly if they do not want their power to ruin them and ruin others.

Calling for a revolution

Pope Francis then called on to everyone in the audience to initiate a "revolution of tenderness," which is a sign of fortitude as opposed to a sign of weakness.

The Pope then narrated his life as a man born into a family of migrants, which he used to urge people to practice equality. The plight of the environment was also touched on briefly when the Pope called on the people to stop their "culture of waste" that is ruining the their "common home" and the "sick polluted earth."

The power of one

The pontiff then ended his talk with a unifying message that was in line with the theme of the event, which was "The Future You." Pope Francis called on all individuals to unite in a single cause of hope and that everything still begins with "you" and that an "us" will be the key to start the revolution of tenderness.