The role of Ivanka Trump, the first daughter, in shaping White House policies has been confirmed twice. The first confirmation came from Sir Kim Darroch, the British ambassador to Washington. The second came from Ivanka’s brother, Eric Trump.

Significant influence in Oval Office

Darroch, in a memo to British Prime Minister Theresa May, said that Ivanka’s concern had a significant influence on her father, U.S. President Donald Trump, to order on Thursday the deployment of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles to destroy facilities at Shayrat air base. On Saturday, the governor of Homs province where the military facility is located, said that the Shayrat air base is operating again, Reuters reported.

The first daughter encouraged Trump to go ahead with the airstrike because of her outrage over the images from Syria that came out after the sarin gas attack on Tuesday. Eric Trump said on Tuesday that he is sure that Ivanka influenced their father in deploying the Tomahawk cruise missiles. He explained that since his sister is a mother of three children, the sight of the more than 30 children who died because of the nerve gas attack made Ivanka tell the president, “Listen, this is horrible stuff,” The Telegraph reported.

Out of politics

He pointed out that Trump had a different position about Syria two years ago. However, after Syria gassed its own people – an accusation that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad denied – the United States, as a global leader and a world superpower, must come forward and act to support its allies, Eric said.

Eric emphasized that he stays out of politics and the administration. But he added that Trump was also deeply affected by the images of the young victims of the sarin gas attack in Syria. The first son pointed out that no single decent person in the world who saw the images and the children being sprayed down by water to prevent their skin from burning would not be affected by those images.

Syrian crisis breaks Trump’s bond with Putin

Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who used to be BFFs, are now trading barbs. Beyond angry words, Putin sent the Dmitry Donskoy, the largest submarine in the world, to the Baltic Sea in a show of Kremlin’s nuclear might.

The Typhoon class submarine has 200 weapons on board, including 20 nuclear missiles.

The 574-foot long submarine was ordered to leave the White Sea and go around Norway and Denmark to reach Syria. The Dmitry Donskoy, named after Moscow royalty who reigned from 1359 through 1389, could stay submerged for up to 120 days, the Daily Mail reported.