Three people died and a dozen more suffered shooting injuries last week all across the City Of Chicago. One of the people who died on Monday was a criminal judge serving in Cook County. The most recent death took place that evening in the Roseland area.

According to law enforcement serving the infamous city, an unknown man died from gunshot wounds around 9:20 p.m. near East 112th Street. They noted he was dead when they found him. The medical examiner’s office in Cook County didn't respond to the homicide.

Fatal shots occurred much earlier

Just a few hours before that shooting occurred, police stated a man, 26, was gunned down, and a young boy, 11, was also critically injured in a shootout that happened around the western part of the area in the city’s Pulliam community.

According to police reports, the two bystanders were walking in the South Bishop region around 5:20 p.m. when someone inside a white vehicle started shooting at them. The man took a bullet to his head. The little boy lived. He suffered a gunshot injury to his shoulder.

A medical response team took the two to Oak Lawn’s Christ Medical Center. The man passed away. The young boy is said to be in critical condition. The medical examiner in this case as well has yet to record the death.

Judge found dead from gunshots

That same day, in the city's western Chesterfield region, the judge of Cook County was found fatally next to an unidentified female. Chicago law enforcement discovered Judge Raymond Myles, 66, wounded in South Woods.

The revelation occurred after police investigated a report stating someone opened fire in the neighborhood that morning around 4:51 a.m.

The woman, 52, whose relation to Judge Myles is also unknown, was found severely injured as well. She had a bullet wound located in the lower part f her leg.

Both victims went to the Oak Law area's Christ Medical Center.

Myles, unfortunately, perished from his injuries later that day. The woman survived, but the medical center states that she's also in critical condition. Police haven't found a reason behind the killings. However, they do know the shootings didn't occur at random.

Gunshots caused more injuries than deaths

One of the attacks that, reluctantly, didn't end in death occurred around 5:40 p.m.

Investigators say an unidentified man, 19, was found with gunshots inflicted to his upper body outside South Wolcott. Local authorities mentioned that he too is also in a critical condition. His injuries are currently receiving treatment at Stroger Hospital.

At least ten more victims fell prey to massive shootings that day. Last week, someone shot 35 people all at once. Seven of the shootings were reported fatal. Chicago is an infamous town facing a very intense situation. Over 829 residents have bullet injuries so far, this year. The city is drastically losing its population to deliberate shooting deaths while the year of 2017 is only in its fourth month.