One of Louisiana's former prosecutors faced accusations of sexually extorting more than 22 females. He allegedly did this heinous crime in exchange for the women to have special treatment in court cases. One of his victims was Danelle Keim. Her mother, Tammy Glover, filed a lawsuit against Harry Morel on Monday accusing him of racketeering. Danelle passed away from a drug overdose back in 2013 while working with the FBI to examine the former District Attorney of St. Charles Parish. Even though Morel, 74, hasn't been convicted of sexual assault, he's currently serving three years in prison after pleading guilty to hindering the government's analysis of sex abuse allegations against him last year.

Opinions and allegations reviewed

Investigators said Keim’s assistance was necessary in getting Morel to plead guilty. Glover hopes justice will cease all fears many women have already coped with for decades because of Morel’s sexual abuse. Glover’s attorney, Tregg Connell Wilson, said, “We don't possess the intelligence of knowing everyone afflicted by this. We encourage them to speak up instead. They are invited to step up and discuss what occurred.”

Governing bodies on both the state and federal level referred to Morel as a sexual predator. They believe he consistently overutilized his power to victimize helpless women of all ages, offering them or perhaps their families assistance in all their legal dilemmas in exchange for Sexual Favors.

In a briefing with the media several months ago, prosecutors claimed Morel sexually solicited more than 20 females while serving as a district attorney in Louisiana for more than 33 years.

However, these same prosecutors say statute limitations, victims proving to be troublesome witnesses, and tampered evidence hindered the investigation again on Morel's sex abuse allegations.

Morel's lawyer, Ralph Capitelli, has since charged prosecutors of slandering Morel's reputation to influence his sentencing.

The FBI and Keim investigated Morel

Danelle began assisting the FBI after she spoke with local law enforcement on April 4, 2010. She reported that Morel had sexually attacked her at her house shortly following her conviction on a DUI charge.

Glover's lawsuit states that Danelle Keim recorded all of her private work for the FBI on videotape. In a July 2012 meeting at her apartment, agents captured Morel discussing a case with Keim, then proceeding to grope her afterward.

Danelle was one of many female victims that reported the former district attorney to law enforcement. Sheriff Greg Champagne says he had to notify the FBI about Harry following a call back in 2009 from a woman whose husband faced DUI charges. According to Glover’s litigation, the woman informed the FBI that Morel requested to assist her in her husband's court cases if she consented to meet with him at his Mississippi residence to "play."

Harry had an accomplice

Morel’s investigation also resulted in the lawful conviction of John Landry III.

Landry is the Lions Club president apprehended in June of last year on charges claiming that he helped Morel falsify documents about Keim and other women's court-ordered community service. Landry is one of the defendants listed in Tammy Glover’s lawsuit.

The town of St. Charles Parish is located approximately 20 miles outside of New Orleans, LA. Harry Morel was their district attorney from the late 1970s up until 2012. He is now serving his prison term in a facility located in Seagoville, Texas. According to the Federal Bureau of Prison’s website, Morel's anticipated release is set for August 2018.