According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, eight-year-old Christian Deron Dozier died when a large, old tube-style television fell from a set of shelves, crushing him to death at his Ortega Farms home. According to Sgt. Steve Rudloff, police were called to the child’s home on Friday at around 5:15 a.m. The Jacksonville boy had been found lying in a bedroom, close to a four-level PVC shelf and the large television was on the floor.

Television falls from top shelf onto the Florida boy

According to authorities, the old, tube-style television had fallen off the top shelf, but it was not immediately clear if it fell on its own, or due to someone attempting to climb the shelving.

Reportedly a teenager was also in the room at the time. According to the 16-year-old, he was with Christian when the Freak Accident happened. As reported by the New York Post, the boy is reportedly one of three foster children living with the family.

Young boy was ‘messing’ with the shelves when the accident occurred

The teen said he was checking his cellphone at the time, while Christian was reportedly “messing” with the tall set of shelves. He said that the shelving appears to be sturdy, and has been used by the family for several years. However, he suddenly heard the television crash down onto the boy.

The 16-year-old and his mother then rushed to help the boy. According to the teenager, his mother was trying to help Christian, who was attempting to talk, but there was reportedly a lot of blood.

The boy was taken to a local Jacksonville hospital but passed away from his injuries. Police say the television was on the top shelf before the accident occurred.

Dozier is reportedly one of six children living in the home.

The Florida Times-Union reported that the eight-year-old attended Timucuan Elementary School. Since learning of Christian’s death, grief counselors have been made available for staff and students at the school.

First Coast News was contacted by a neighbor, who said they had made several calls to Children and Families about the family.

However, due to confidentiality, a spokesman would not say whether they had been called to the home before.

Duval County experiencing a string of child fatalities

There has reportedly been a string of child fatalities in Duval County last year with a total of 35 children dead. 91 percent of these children were reportedly aged three years and younger. Several of the deaths are reportedly still under investigation by authorities. This year a five-year-old girl was accidentally shot on February 4 and a three-year-old drowned in a relative’s pool on April 10. Another one-year-old boy reportedly died two days after receiving a head injury while in his parents’ care.