A 36-minute audio message was released by ISIS on Tuesday, April 5, 2017, according to a report by NBC News. In that message, reportedly published by ISIS spokesperson Abu Hasan al-Muhajir, the terror group claimed President Donald trump simply "doesn't know anything about Islam," adding an Arabic term most closely translated to mean "idiot" to describe America's new leader.

The statement goes on to call the US "bankrupt" and says that the "sign" of the country's "elimination" is "now clearer to everyone," thanks to the "stupid idiot who does not know what Sham and Iraq are, or what Islam is, who continues to express his hatred and war against (us)."

NBC reports that different translations of the audio message found ISIS may have also used the terms "riff raff" and "harebrained" about the president and the country's supposed lack of competent leadership.

The terror organization feels Trump doesn't respect its culture

"Al-sham," for those who aren't aware, is an Arabic term ISIS and many others use to describe the region also known as Syria. The full name, "Bilad al-Sham," is translated to mean "northern country," and experts claim the term dates all the way back to the Middle Ages.The Islamic importance of "Al-sham" is indicated by the fact that ISIS includes the region in some versions of its name- Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. A recent pledge by Trump to completely "obliterate ISIS" has added to the terror organization's vehement hatred for the outspoken American president.

The verbal assault comes days after Trump's immigration policy order

Experts claim there's reason to believe the statement released by ISIS does not necessarily refer to Trump's recent executive order regarding immigration policy (which included some Muslim countries), though it does explicitly mention that Trump has expressed a "hatred" for the Muslim culture.

ISIS, no stranger to controversy, is notorious for the vulgar and grisly acts of terror it has displayed against Americans and other cultures, and its calculated use of propaganda and scare tactics is well-documented by international security officials.

The latest ISIS tirade closely follows Monday's Russian metro bombing- an act of terror investigators say may very well have been orchestrated by a cell with strong connections to the group.