John Sexton over at Hot Air notes an interview in the Hollywood Reporter of Samantha Bee, the host of “Full Frontal” and Jon Stewart alumnus, by lena dunham, purveyor of the recently defunct HBO series “Girls.” Sexton has come to the opinion that these two women are finally coming to terms with the reality of President Donald Trump.

Dunham especially has experienced the five stages of grief over the election of Trump very publicly. First, there was denial during election night when she was at the Hillary “victory” rally followed quickly by anger and depression, that latter of which made her lose some weight.

We do not know whether she passed through bargaining, which for the anti-Trumpers consists of hoping and wishing for impeachment.

Acceptance was perhaps inevitable for all but the most fervent members of the Resistance, that group of disappointed liberals, feminists, and entitlement addled millennials who thought that history was inevitably and irrevocably moving to the left. In times past people on the losing sides of presidential elections have managed to suck it up, learn from the experience, and then move on. The 2000 election, which ended with the embarrassment of the Florida recount caused people to snarl about George W. Bush being “selected not elected” at least until 9/11 caused the nation to rally around him, was a foretaste.

2016 was something unprecedented in modern American politics. Millions of Americans were in flat-out denial about what had just happened/

However, Trump has been president for just over three months. The sun is still shining. The birds are still singing. Children still play, and people still fall in love. More important, a nuclear war has not reduced the world to a cinder nor have people like Dunham started to be dragged away in the night.

Some people have noticed that the economy, in the doldrums for the past ten years, has begun to pick up.

Under those circumstances, it is hard to maintain a primal scream for any length of time. One has to catch one's breath, look around, take stock, and realize that things are not so bad. To be sure, Hillary is not the first female president (for which God be thanked) and Trump is doing things that the left finds upsetting.

But Dunham, like many of her benighted generation, may be starting to realize that happiness is possible even if a guy she loathes and despises is in the White House. Many Americans learned that lesson when Mr., Hope and Change occupied the Oval Office. Now, turnabout is fair play.