Tomi Lahren is suing her former employer, TheBlaze, and TheBlaze is countersuing Tomi Lahren. It seems that both parties have only been able to agree on one thing, and that is a mutual non-disparagement agreement that legally prohibits either side from publicly talking trash about the other. Of course, that hasn't prevented some staffers at Glenn Beck's conservative media network from speaking on the condition of anonymity, and these unnamed insiders have provided The Daily Caller with enough dirt on Lahren to fill a football stadium.

According to The Daily Caller's sources, the 24-year-old commentator cared more about provocation than honesty.

"She was always trying to chase that next million-view video,” said one insider, adding that Lahren seemed to get a high off "creating a hostile work environment."

The feud between Lahren and Loesch

Lahren allegedly had few fans inside the company, and was especially despised by BlazeTV host Dana Loesch. Loesch reportedly went out of her way to avoid Lahren -- even refusing to be present in the same makeup room with her. Loesch did not respond to The Daily Caller's request for a comment.

Other co-workers described Lahren's prima donna demands in the workplace. According to one souce, Lahren demanded that staffers provide her with a "butt warming pad" prior to each taping, which employees were obligated to heat in a microwave.

Lahren was also known to curse at makeup artists, and flat out refused to work with one of them.

But what apparently bothered co-workers the most was the commentator's extravagant $40,000 wardrobe budget, which amounted to more than what Glenn Beck paid many of his employees per year. Even though Lahren was told not to disclose her wardrobe budget, she shared this information with Kyle Chayka of The Ringer during a 2016 interview.

Other sources had a problem with Tomi's work ethic, telling The Daily Caller that she refused to work in the morning. "She’s just not a pro and has ambition above her skill set," said one insider at TheBlaze.

Lahren's short climb to stardom

It's not difficult to imagine how somebody like Tomi Lahren, who grew up in a rural South Dakota, the daughter of a farmer, could get carried away by near-instant fame.

Just a few short years ago she was a student at UNLV, hosting a university television talk show called "The Scramble". After graduating in 2014 she was turned down by TheBlaze for an internship, but was offered her own show for the San Diego-based One America News Network. After a OANN video clip went viral in the summer of 2015, Lahren became a hot commodity.

And instant stardom went to her head, at least according to her former co-workers. “She created a toxic atmosphere and was not easy for people to work with,” another insider told The Daily Caller. According to Glenn Beck's countersuit, Lahren was also known to complain about everything from the on-set temperature to the studio lighting.

However, the 2016 profile on Lahren that was published by The Ringer suggests that maybe she always had an abrasive side that rubbed people the wrong way. According to her father, Tomi "wasn't terribly social" as a child, and had no close friends outside of family. "She wasn't into that clique thing," said Mr. Lahren.