The deal that President Obama struck with the Islamic Republic of Iran concerning its nuclear weapons program is already considered the worse international agreement since Munich. However, as Hot Air reports, the secret parts of the agreement are as bad as anyone could imagine. Apparently Iran demanded and got the United States Justice Department to release or leave off pursuing a number of Iranian nationals who were considered threats to national security. One was a spy whose acquisition of American nuclear technology advanced Iran’s bomb program to the point that it can break out at will and build a nuclear weapon whenever it chooses to.

Another procured military grade antennas that were instrumental in building IEDs that were used to kill and main American soldiers.

Professional Department of Justice prosecutors are said to have been infuriated. The question arises, why did President Obama and his secretary of state John Kerry agree to this aspect of the deal?

The answer seems to be, as Hot Air suggests, that Obama and Kerry needed a diplomatic “win” to burnish their foreign policy street cred. They spent the rest of the previous presidency bragging how they had sopped Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, at least for ten years. While some Democratic Party loyalists echoed those boasts, most analyst concluded that the nuclear weapons deal was such an awful example of appeasement of a maniacal regime bent on acquiring and using weapons of mass destruction against its perceived enemies.

The deal has placed the world in immense danger that it had better pray that President Trump and his advisors have the wit to overcome without resort to military action.

Unfortunately, since Iran is ruled by a group of religious zealots, some of whom are of an apocalyptic frame of mind, a massive military strike to take out that country’s nuclear and missile infrastructure may be necessary.

The alternative could be accepting the possession of nuclear weapons by people who do not fully appreciate their destructive power.

A similar situation is further along in Korea. Then the mad, bad, and dangerous to know Kim Jong-un has nukes and is forever boasting about how he intends to incinerate this or that enemy, most recently Australia.

The Northern Pacific countries are in terror of a man who regularly blows people who annoy him apart with antiaircraft guns.

Just as some people cannot have nice things, others must never be allowed to have deadly things. Fanatical mullahs or Asian despots with a god complex are at the top of that list. But the former is on the brink of getting nuclear weapons and the latter already has them. Such has been the result of bad policy.