The governor of Alabama stepped down from his position yesterday. Robert Bentley, 74, resigned after he confessed to having an affair with his assistant. Misdemeanor charges are also against him from violations discovered during his campaign. It is the third time a federal official in Alabama committed crimes. During the 1990s, Guy Hunt was caught misusing state funding. In 2006, the courts charged Don Siegelman with bribery. Evidence from the Alabama Ethics Commission showed Robert was in violation of several state laws and morals, including trying to cover up the alleged affair.

The Bentley situation is an add-on to the extensive list of scandals currently in politics. As a result, the Republican governor now endures Congress pressuring for his impeachment.

Suspicious activities

Allegations against Robert Bentley originated when the politician mysteriously received a cash advance totaling $50,000 back in November. Investigators say he didn't report the money until earlier this year. State law in Alabama requires all government transactions to be adequately addressed only a few days after they happen.

Another misdemeanor fell upon the governor after he used campaign funds to pay $9,000 in legal fees for his mistress Rebekah Caldwell Mason. The event caused an outrage. Recordings of him making sexual remarks to Mason have also surfaced.

Bentley stood up to his state and said he had done nothing illegal while requesting his resignation.

The governor is set to perform 100 hours of community service as a physician. He also must surrender all campaign funds used, with the total estimated at $37,000. He is no longer allowed to seek a position in public office as well.

His replacement is Kay Ivey, Lieutenant Governor. Ivey's new position makes her the second female in Alabama to become governor.

Scandalous reports found on Bentley

A few days ago, an investigation report for the House Judiciary Committee claimed Bentley used intimidation to keep his engagements with Mason a secret. He demanded law enforcement seize all evidence of any audio recordings.

The report also stated that messages sent to Mason were found by the politician’s ex-wife Dianne Bentley. She found the messages after they popped up on the tablet given to her.

Dianne ended her marriage to the governor in 2015 after 50 years. The tragedy is to the point where he's lost his leadership. The House and Senate GOP officials also suggest Robert Bentley resign. He's giving his job to Ivey because he chooses to no longer subject his family and staff to the outcome that his past activities have brought upon them.