The prominent bronze statue, entitled 'Fearless Girl', will keep on challenging the 'Charging Bull' on Wall Street until 2018. Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York declared this extraordinary phenomenon on Monday. New York City first allowed the establishment of the statue for one week to recognize International Women's Day. It was financed by the chiefs of the State Street Global Advisors. The 50-inch statue, created by Kristen Visbal, became a major icon that gained a lot of popularity in a matter of seconds. It is viewed far and wide as an image of feminism and women's rights.

It also has been rapidly turning into another one of New York’s iconic tourism attractions.

An astounding feat in feminism

'Fearless Girl' was expected to be standing at attention until April 2. However, due to popular demand, this notable symbolism will now remain set up until International Women's Day one year from now on March 8. Mayor De Blasio feels the statue touches people at an ideal time and could be implying this in relation to Donald Trump the newly elected U.S. President. Trump has straightforwardly bragged of sexually harassing females.

"She addressed the occasion," he told correspondents reviewing the statue for the AFP news office. "She is rousing everybody at a time when we require motivation." He insisted that the work of art is of great value to the general population of New York.

The bold statue remains displayed on a winter-themed scene in the Financial District of NYC since March 14, 2017. Lawmakers declared on Monday that the statue would proudly still stand for feminism and the rights of women an additional 11 months.

Symbolism iconic and critically-acclaimed

The symbolism behind the statue is a bold girl confronting a charging bull.

The ‘Charging Bull’ statue is a 1989 artwork made by Italian craftsman Arturo Di Modica. It is used to symbolize the quality of America. It turned into a famous symbol on Wall Street and supporters of the 'Fearless Girl' realized that they both are currently seeking the same outcomes on Wall Street.

Letitia James, New York City’s Public Advocate, said on Monday, "The significance of enabling ladies is not impermanent, and it's not an item that can just keep going for only 11 months.

It is an icon that should be made changeless."

State Street Global Advisors appointed the figure on Wall Street with intentions to highlight the absence of female executives on corporate sheets. Arturo Di Modica condemned the use of the young lady, stating that the interpretation of his creation is merely a reputation stunt.

The 76-year-old sculptor said to MarketWatch about the statue, "That is not an image! That is a promotional trap. Ladies, young ladies, that is awesome, yet that is not what that is."

The plaque beneath the iconic model says: “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference.”