The Uss Carl Vinson is in the news lately. It is part of the 7th fleet which has responsibility for the entire Eastern waters of Asia. The Carl Wilson is a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and displaces over 100000 tons. It also carries 90 operational aircraft. The carrier was on operational duty south of Singapore and was to proceed to Australia. But now it is directed to the Korean peninsula.

The carrier continuously carries out exercises, and jet fighters take off and land on the moving deck. Two days back the carrier suffered a mishap. An F-18 Hornet while coming in for a landing miscalculated the flight approach and distance and crashed into the sea.

The aircraft was lost, but the pilot was rescued as the US Navy has honed its search, rescue, and pick up procedures to a great degree of efficiency. The loss of the Hornet is not a good thing. A board of inquiry has been ordered which will investigate the cause of the accident

An invincible warship

The USS Carl Winson is one of the most formidable fighting machines of the US Navy. It is now moving towards the Korean waters to pressurize North Korea to give up its quest for nuclear weapons. The United States has ten such warships, and the Russians and the Chinese have nothing to match this.

Both the Russian and Chinese carriers carry a complement of 30 operational aircraft while the Vincent carries 90.

The aircraft carrier also is gigantic in size and has a crew of over 5000.The carrier is supposed to have a missile shield and the latest ECM measures. Theoretically, the aircraft carrier is invincible. The warship is expected to reach the Korean waters in a few days

North Korea and the Carrier

North Korea and Kim Jong have been putting up a show of bravado as they are well aware as to the capability of the carrier.

The North is now mindful of the fact that the carrier is now moving close to their land and in case the order is given by Donald Trump the carrier could play havoc with the North Korean defense.


The carrier is now getting ready for battle. However, in the case of a strike, the North would in all probability strike at South Korea.

They would try to hit the carrier but at the moment do not have the capability or the anti-ship missiles required to strike such a powerful warship. But in case it's a long drawn affair, there is a possibility that the Chinese or the Russians may give a more potent anti-ship missile to North Korea. Nobody has estimated as to how the aircraft carrier will fare if a swarm of missiles is directed towards it. Despite the loss of the F-18, regular exercises and drills by aircraft are continuing. It will be interesting to see what happens when the Carl Vincent enters Korean waters.