Donald Trump's presidency is beleaguered by many things. Wild allegations are floating around and central to these is Russia. The Russians are supposed to have meddled with the last presidential election in favor of Trump. Nobody has specified the exact modus operandi but allegations are flying about. It was reported by the Washington post that a secret meeting was held in Seychelles. The meeting was attended by Eric Prince who is the founder of Blackwater Security. This organization had played a big role in Iraq. It is alleged the Eric Prince met with a close emissary of the Russian president Vladimir Putin in the Seychelles.

The meeting was arranged by the UAE crown prince Sheik Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. Eric posed as a close confident of Donald and is supposed to have met an emissary of Putin. The aim was to set up a back channel for consultations.

Crown prince UAE

The United Arab Emeritus government obviously felt that such a meeting would be a good idea. The crown prince is a strong supporter of the USA and had also met close advisors of Trump in December 2016 at Trump towers. The meeting was attended by general Flynn, Trump's son in law Kushner and Steve Bannon, who is the chief strategist with Trump. Eric Prince is the brother of Betsy DVos the Education secretary. Hence he does have some connection to the White house.

The meeting

No details of the meeting are available and it is not known who the emissary of Putin was who attended on behalf of the Russian president.In the cloak and dagger politics in Washington, many rumors and stories are floating around. One wonders if this is to be treated as one such story. Seychelles is a quiet island resort in the Indian Ocean and the perfect place for secret rendezvous.

Why the UAE crown prince should have arranged the meeting is not clear. It is also not clear whether Trump authorized this meeting or knew about it.

Last word

Prince, during this meeting, is supposed to have introduced himself as an " unofficial envoy of Trump'. He did not have any role in the administration The Post has reported that only one meeting was held and there was no follow-up as it was thought risky. One wonders whether one should take this news with a pinch of salt.