The president of California State University at Fresno has finally addressed controversial tweets sent by Dr. Lars Maischak, a controversial, ultra-liberal history professor. In mid-February, Maischak posted a series of tweets calling for the hanging of President Trump and the murder of Republicans.

Maischak's comments were largely ignored until The Daily Caller brought them to the public's attention on April 7. And now, 52 days after Dr. Maischak issued his outrageous comments, Cal State Fresno has finally gotten around to condemning him for it — in a roundabout sort of way.

President Castro's non-apology suggests no punishment for professor

In a statement from university president Joseph I. Castro, released on April 10, the president stated that, while the school supports free speech, Dr. Maischak's statements warrant "further review and consideration."

The statement continued without an actual apology or official rebuke, instead explaining that the school's review of the professor's comments will be conducted "in the context of rights of free expression."

Castro added that the university is taking the matter seriously and that Cal State Fresno will "fully cooperate" with federal investigators should the need arise.

One telling sentence from Castro's statement explains that the university is handling the matter in accordance to its "traditions of academic freedom" and in accordance to the faculty collective bargaining agreement.

In other words, don't expect Lars Maischak to face any serious disciplinary action.

Professor's penchant for outrageous statements

The tweet from Dr. Maischak that first raised eyebrows was posted February 17, and stated "Trump must hang" in order to save democracy. "The sooner and higher, the better," he added.

Two days later Maischak upped the ante, asking if anyone has started collecting money for a monument in honor of Trump's assassin.

On Feb. 22, the professor called for the execution of Republicans and referred to Trump voters as "white trash scum" who lived in "filthy, hell-hole flyover states".

Dr. Maischak isn't the only Cal State professor to come unhinged in recent weeks because of Donald Trump, however. On Feb. 8, Eric Canin, a part-time anthropology instructor at Cal State Fullerton, was charged with battery after striking a student in the face during an anti-Trump rally.

According to the police report, Canin became enraged after members of the school's student Republican club decided to hold their own counter-protest. Canin allegedly ripped a sign out of the hands of club president Bryce Ingalls before hitting him in the face.