An instructor at cal state fullerton is facing battery charges after a member of the school's Republican club claims he was physically assaulted because of his political beliefs. The incident took place during a campus protest on Wednesday, when 45 members of the Students for Justice in Palestine club staged a demonstration to protest President Trump's executive order on immigration.

Suspect identified as part-time anthropology professor

According to police, another campus group held a counter-protest nearby, resulting a clash that turned violent.

The opposing club, CSUF Republicans, clashed with the anti-Trump demonstrators near the campus bookstore. While the Orange County Register reported that Cal State Fullerton is withholding the name of the instructor involved in the incident, Breitbart News has learned, through eyewitnesses, that the accused is Eric Canin, a part-time anthropology professor.

The victim has been identified as Bryce Ingalls, a member of the school-sanctioned CSUF Republican club.

Breitbart reports that Canin confronted the counter-protesters and attempted to rip a sign out of the hands of a student protester. Ingalls attempted to break up the tussle, and was struck in the face by the part-time anthropology professor.

Student detained professor until police arrived

One witness, Christopher Boyle, physically restrained Canin until police arrived on the scene. Boyle confirmed the identity of the assailant.

Boyle, who is president of the campus Republican club, said that Cal State Fullerton Republicans can't take their safety on campus for granted and said he felt "shocked" that a faculty member would resort to violence.

Boyle told Breitbart News that it was his responsibility to stand up for Republicans on campus. "After he assaulted a student, I put him under a citizens arrest and I want to make sure he is going to be held accountable," said Boyle.

Because Canin is not a tenured professor, he could face harsh disciplinary action for his behavior.

Hannah Reams, a Cal State Fullerton junior, encourages concerned citizens to contact the school and demand corrective action. While Fullerton Police refused to divulge the identity of the alleged assailant, they have confirmed that a CSUF student has filed a police report under battery.