The United States navy on orders from President Donald Trump launched 59 cruise missiles against a Syrian airfield. The reason given was that the recent nerve attack had originated from this airfield. There is no proof and Syria has denied it. The Russians incensed at the US attack called a Special Session of the Security Council. The Bolivian representative and ambassador to the United Nations Sacha Llorente took the floor and castigated the American action. Llorente in a speech condemned the unilateral action of Donald Trump.

He described the action " an extremely serious violation of international law." This is reported by Al Jazeera News

Bolivian ambassadors address

The Bolivian ambassador made a telling point when he reminded the gathering of the actions of Colin Powel the then US secretary of state who had on 5 February 2003 outdone himself in speaking lies. He showed the members present a photo of Colin Powel with a model of Anthrax. In reality, as proved later there were no WMD with Saddam. This was an act to give the US a chance to attack Saddam and oust him from power. He was hanged later.

There is some truth in the assertions of the Bolivian rep to the UN. Much earlier in 1964, President Johnson had engineered the Tonkin Gulf incident to convince the US masses that bombing North Vietnam was essential.

Twenty years later the Tonkin Gulf incident was proved as a fake.

Hitler's adage

Hitler and Dr. Goebbles perfected the adage that a lie repeated 100 times becomes a truth.

The US, unfortunately, has done this a number of times. The Bolivian rep went on to add "I believe that we must absolutely remember these pictures and that we were told that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and this was the motivation for the invasion. After the invasion, there were 1 million deaths and it launched a series of atrocities in the region."

Trump and nuclear option

The Bolivian attack on the US has been appreciated by many.

There are demonstrations against the action of Trump in America itself and many prominent men and women who had supported Trump have gone against him. There is no support from India the other big player and China also is silent. One wonders what Trump achieved, except derailing the war on the ISIS and setting the stage for a clash with Russia. One remembers the chilling words of Trump during the election campaign "If we have nuclear weapons why don't we use them?"