Barry Manilow revealed an intimate truth about his personal life on Wednesday morning. The singer has famously been private about his personal affairs and relationships, so it was a bold step for him to come out to PEOPLE Magazine. The crooner has the potential to make a real impact in the Gay community through his celebrity and fame, though.

The personal admission

PEOPLE Magazine conducted an exclusive interview and photo shoot with Manilow in his Palm Springs home recently. He discussed how private his personal life has been, something his fiercest fans are well aware of.

He was once married briefly to his college sweetheart, but it didn't last very long. It wasn't until he met his current lover, Garry Kief, that the singer discovered that he was gay.

Kief serves as Manilow's manager, and the two have been together both romantically and professionally for almost four decades. They were almost outed on several occasions, including a time where they got into a car together after a concert and were surrounded by hordes of fans. The singer even once stepped out with a woman in an attempt to disguise his sexuality. At the age of 73, though, he is finally comfortable sharing with the world that he is gay...and recently married!

Living with a secret

Manilow actually married Kief in an intimate ceremony in April 2014, three years ago.

People learned of the wedding in 2015, but the singer never confirmed the news, preferring to keep his gay marriage under wraps as much as possible. It's tough to fathom how difficult is has been for him - and everyone who feels uncomfortable being open about their sexuality - to live with such a big secret.

It took nearly his entire life for Manilow to publicly disclose to the world that he is gay.

He has had to live a private life filled with secrecy and constant questions, never sure of when someone would reveal his truth before he had his own opportunity. Now, he has the ability to enjoy the rest of his life feeling secure in his true, revealed self.