WLBT 3 weatherman Patrick Ellis in Jackson, Mississippi was giving a live Weather Forecast and was talking about the dew point in the area and saying he doesn’t know what’s going on. Suddenly a child appears on camera and does his own take on what’s going on, asking Ellis if he is sure he doesn't know what's going on?

As noted by Cinema Blend, Ellis tries unsuccessfully to continue his weather forecast, but without luck, and then decides to handle things in a different way. He totally keeps his cool, and invites the kid to carry on in his place.

The boy then causes havoc and mayhem by hilariously saying there are “farts and toots” everywhere, adding that it’s crazy, before someone from backstage runs in and whisks him away.

'Farts and toots' weather forecast goes viral

Since the video was published on YouTube on March 7, it has received over one million views, and due to this popularity, WLBT 3 posted some follow up information on Ellis’ Facebook page to let everyone know exactly what happened.

The 'farts and toots' boy goes by the name of Houston

The weather forecaster invader goes by the name of Houston and was reportedly there with his father, a lawyer who participates in a call-in show that was due to air after the evening news. Houston was sitting with his dad, waiting for the segment to begin, and maybe got a little bored, causing him to decide it was time for a little fun.

According to a report by Mashable, Ellis explained how Houston just busted into the studio. At first the crew thought the boy was just there to watch the news, but suddenly he ran to the wall. According to Ellis, it wasn’t an easy task, but he managed to navigate through all the cables and wires and made it onto the weather screen, adding that the rest is now history.

Of course, Houston’s antics were soon followed by another live kid invasion. As reported on Blasting News, a professor was giving a BBC interview on Skype from his home office recently when first one child, then another burst into the room, live on air.

Those kids were then followed by their mother, obviously frantic to catch them and get them out of the room. You can read the story of Professor Robert E. Kelly and his kids and watch the video here.