In spite of one of the most highly-publicized boycotts in recent memory, Ivanka Trump's fashion line is experiencing some of the highest sales figures in the history of the brand. According to Abigail Klem, president of the fashion brand, sales began to soar since the beginning of February.

Boycott backfires spectacularly

“For several different retailers Ivanka Trump was a top performer online, and in some of the categories it was the best performance ever,” said Klem to fashion website Refinery29.

The sales explosion follows the early February decision by luxury retailer Nordstrom to drop the brand -- a move that sparked similar decisions by Neiman Marcus and other retailers.

The concerted effort to sink the brand was largely due to the "Grab Your Wallet" boycott campaign, which asks shoppers to steer clear of any Trump-branded products. As a result of the boycott campaign some retailers, such as TJ Maxx and Marshall's, ordered employees to throw away and signage promoting the products.

Much to the chagrin of anti-Trumpers, however, the plan appears to have backfired, sending sales through the roof. Refinery29 reports that the brand's sales increased by a staggering 346 percent between January and February.

"It's unprecedented what this brand is dealing with,” said Klem.

Nordstrom's anti-Trump bias

While Nordstrom claims that its decision to drop Ivanka Trump's line from its stores was based on poor sales and had nothing to do with politics, a leaked internal memo from Feb.

3, first published by Seattle P.I., seems to suggest otherwise. The internal memo, issued by Pete, Blake and Erik Nordstrom, suggests that the Nordstrom family was angry over President Trump's controversial executive order on immigration. Nordstrom conveniently dropped the Ivanka Trump line of fashion accessories that very day.

Later that same day one Nordstrom executive, Olivia Kim, celebrated by tweeting "#yeswecan"-- an obvious reference to Hillary Clinton's campaign slogan. The tweet has since been deleted.