Just when voters thought they've seen enough of the Clinton and Bush dynasties in politics, rumor has it that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is planning an NYC mayor's run. Reportedly, Donald Trump's former contender for the 2016 presidential elections has consulted with a group of experts and friends about challenging incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Down, but not out

After a shocking upset loss to the Republican NYC billionaire, once part of her inner-circle, Hillary Clinton is said to be launching a political comeback, albeit on a smaller scale.

Secretary Clinton, according to an unnamed insider said Hillary, a former senator representing NYC (2001 to 2009), is mulling the idea of representing the same electorate again as the city's mayor.

The rumors were buoyed by campaign posters emblazoned with "Hillary for Mayor" seen affixed to posts and structures around New York City. The longtime Democrat also supposedly ordered former aides to retain political strategists to pinpoint where her campaign for president faltered against Trump. Clinton's camp, the media and even respected tracking polls predicted Hillary would win handily.

What the polls show

While Clinton didn't prevail in the general election and become the country's first female President of the United States, she claimed a whopping 80 percent of the NYC vote. Moreover, she won the country's popular vote by some 3 million or more votes, which has prompted calls for an amended Electoral College system of voting.

If the rumors are true about a Hillary Clinton mayor's run, she may have to consider something else. According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 58 percent of respondents don't agree with this route back into politics. On the other hand, a Quinnipiac University poll revealed another angle.

Tim Malloy works as an assistant director with the tracking agency.

He weighed in on the prospects of the former First Lady entering the mayor's race in NYC. "New Yorkers aren't in love with Mayor Bill de Blasio, but they seem to like him better than other possible choices - except Hillary Clinton, who probably is an impossible choice," Malloy said (according to Express).