After failing to secure a majority of his Republican Party supporters, US President Donald Trump has withdrawn his controversial Healthcare Bill which seeks to replace Obamacare. The bill did not gain enough support from Congress members to scale through.

House Speaker Ryan Paul said both he and Trump agreed to withdraw the bill after it became clear that it would not get the required Republican votes needed to pass in Congress.

Republicans opposition

Trump made the replacement of Obamacare one of his major election campaign pledges. Trump had warned Republican members that failure to vote for his replacement bill could mean remaining with Obama healthcare act for good.

This was a huge blow to the Trump’s administration. However, reports show that about 28 and 35 Republican congress members were vehemently opposed to his proposed American Health Care Act.

Major concerns of the bill

Republicans are currently in the majority in both houses of Congress. However, Some of them have expressed concerns that the proposed cut health coverage law was too harsh, while others were of the opinion that the changes in the new bill were not enough for a replacement of the Obama health care act. A majority of Americans were also against the bill, according to a recent poll.

Trump's reaction

President Trump blamed the Democrats for working against the bill and further predicted that Obamacare would explode in the near future.

He said the Republicans would rather shift their energy towards tax reform for now.

The President asserted that if the Democrats were civilized and had come together, both parties could have worked out an acceptable Health Care Bill that would have been a great deal. “Obamacare would have to go its way for a little while,” Trump said.

House Speaker Pau Ryan had earlier told reporters that Americans were going to be living with Obamacare for the future ahead.

Democrats Jubilate

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi House Minority Leader has described the failure of Trump’s health care bill to pass in Congress as a huge victory for Americans, and the Minority Whip Steny Hoyer also said that it was a good day for Americans. “We worked for years to assure that the American public has access to affordable, dependable and quality healthcare,” he added.