Since Trump climbed aboard the Presidential train he has been on a collision course with America's travel plans. President Trump's new budget will cut 14 percent from the Department of Transportation. These funding cuts will eliminate subsidies for commercial flights to rural airports, privatize air traffic control, and eliminate long-distance routes from Amtrak. Leaving riders off track and with few viable transportation options.

The constant rise in airline tickets has left many American travelers opting for a less expensive train ticket, but not for long.

Trump's cuts to Amtrak will force travelers to choose between an expensive plane ride, or a much less expensive bus ride, which for most travelers will not only add hours but in many cases days, to their trip. Not giving anybody much of a choice.

4.6 million Amtrak users in 2016

As if funding cuts weren't enough of a difficult pill to swallow, Trump's budget also eliminates a great and affordable opportunity for Americans to experience the beauty and splendor of our amazing country. Amtrak is the only train line that offers service to 23 states.

Wick Moorman, Amtrak CEO and President, said Trump's budget cuts could impact 500 communities across the U.S. but was uncertain of the exact impact the cuts might have on the company's long-distance routes.

The Trump administration believes these cuts will allow the state-supported Northeast Corridor (NEC) train service to get a much needed financial injection.

NEC needs $28 billion in repairs

Amtrak's executive vice president for business and development for NEC, Stephen Gardener, explained that Amtrak uses profits from NEC to pay for its operating losses, and subsidizing those train routes will, in the long run, hurt the company.

The majority of NEC trains – over 2,200 – are in desperate need of repairs, said Gardner.

Amtrak trains connect major regions, rural communities, and contribute to NEC's revenue, said Moorman, adding that his trains are used for trips across America and offer a romantic long-distance train experience with scenic views in the comfort of its sleeper cars.