The ascent of her father to the presidency has given Ivanka Trump a number of headaches concerning her business that sells a line of women’s apparel and accessories. Unlike the Clintons, the Trumps are keen not to trade off the name of President Trump, at least as much as possible under the circumstances. Ms. Trump has removed herself from the day to day operations of her company as a result. But she cannot change her name or her relationship with her dad.

Ms. Trump’s other business problem is that haters of her father, and they are many and legion, are calling for a boycott of her business.

Various retails outlets such as Nordstrom have dropped her products, considering them to be politically toxic. However, as The Hill Newspaper reported, Sales of Ivanka Trump products have skyrocketed.

To be sure the president groused about how unfairly his daughter was being treated in one of his famous tweets. And Kellyanne Conway got into ethical hot water for suggesting that people buy Ivanka Trump products to show the haters what they thought. But whether the surge of sales is the result of what some might call a “boycott” is unclear.

To be sure, the various Trump enterprises are going to both benefit and be harmed by the fact that they are associated with the now more famous man in the world, beloved by many, hated by many.

How do you walk the fine line of trading on the presidency when the name “Trump” is a recognized brand? Indeed, some people are trying to impeach President Trump because foreign dignitaries staying at a Trump hotel or using the family's various products could be considered an emolument, a profit for his being in public office.

The Trump brand has not been universally successful. A number of product lines such as Trump steaks and Trump water have been rolled out and have unceremoniously bombed. But for Ivanka Trump, having the same last name as the president of the United States has been both a blessing and a curse. Of course, her line of clothing and accessories is finding a market that goes beyond just being impressed by the Trump brand. With all the problems, it is better to be successful than not.