After President Trump had the audacity to speak out against Snoop Dogg's music video for "Lavender," in which the rapper shoots a gun at an actor dressed up as a clownish parody of Donald Trump, Shad Moss -- otherwise known as the rapper Bow Wow -- reacted in typical thug fashion by threatening to "pimp" the First Lady.

“Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk a** up talking sh*t about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us,” tweeted the rapper on Wednesday.

Bow Wow's reaction came after President Trump offered his critique of the controversial music video on Wednesday morning, referring to Snoop Dogg as a failing artist.

Mainstream media mum on the Melania matter

Not surprisingly, instead of defending the First Lady or speaking out against the satirical assassination of a sitting president, liberal media were quick to make light of the incident. One New York Times writer, Sopan Deb, perhaps intoxicated and operating under the assumption that he was a master of the pun, tweeted his prediction that Bow Wow's pimp comment was going to send "Breitbark" News through the "woof."

Deb was called out by many Twitter users, who blasted the writer for cracking jokes about human trafficking.

Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow weren't the only rappers to direct crude, sophomoric personal attacks against the Trump family on Wednesday.

Rapper-turned-actor T.I. stated on Instagram that Donald Trump was a “f***ing tangerine tanned muskrat scrotum skin, lacefront possum fur wig wearing, alternative fact, atomic dog diarrhea face a** man.”

Rather than taking the opportunity to reply in kind with something along the lines of "I know you are, but what am I?", President Trump headed to Nashville, Tennessee for a campaign-style rally, where he discussed his views on the GOP's Obamacare replacement bill.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service has stated that they are "aware" of the Snoop Dogg video and are looking into the matter.

Will Bow Wow threaten to pimp Rubio's wife as well?

Republican senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have both condemned the "Lavender" video. Earlier this week Sen. Rubio told TMZ that disagreeing with policy is one thing, but Snoop Dogg crossed the line into dangerous territory because his video might give some "twisted people very wrong ideas."