The irony was palpable indeed when Hillary Clinton was pictured checking the newspaper, just as her eyes hit on the headline “Pence used personal email in office.” She was reportedly catching up on the news while seated in the coach section of the plane with Huma Abedin on Friday. As reported by USA Today, the newspaper – and that headline – was theirs. Clinton can be seen with her phone in hand, no doubt texting about the incredible news.

After all the ruckus during the presidential election campaign about her using a personal Email Server while serving as Secretary of State – one of the many reasons she lost in the elections – she now gets the undoubted pleasure and surprise of reading about what the running mate of her competition was up to when he was in the governor’s office.

Pence criticized Clinton’s use of a personal email server

During the U.S. presidential election campaign, Mike Pence openly criticized Clinton for her use of the personal email server while working under President Barack Obama, but in his case, he is trying to say there is no comparison between Clinton’s emails and his own. However, while working as governor of Indiana, Pence reportedly discussed homeland security issues and other sensitive matters using email. According to Pence, his actions fully complied with the laws of Indiana, while Clinton, on the other hand, was “mishandling classified information.”

On Thursday, the Indianapolis Star broke the story about VP Pence using his private email account and that newspaper had reportedly acquired the emails in question back in 2014.

Hillary Clinton's photo taken by Caitlin Quigley

The viral image of Clinton was captured by Caitlin Quigley, 32, who reportedly works for an LGBTQ healthcare center in New York.

She told The Huffington Post that she sent it to six people sitting on the plane, who also saw what was happening, and since then the post has spread like wildfire through social media.

Quigley did say she didn’t spot Clinton and Abedin boarding the plane until security stopped and started boarding several times.

She decided to take the candid shot so that friends would believe she was actually seeing Clinton seated in coach, but when she spotted what exactly Clinton was reading she couldn’t resist sharing the image online. The rest, and naturally all those endless memes, are now in the annals of online history.