The Republican revision to the Affordable Care Act has the potential to reduce the federal deficit. However, the GOP Healthcare Bill is now in serious jeopardy. Republican lawmakers are withholding their support. The bill failed to pass last Wednesday. It has caused the most important voices in the situation to step up and tell everyone how they really feel. Two prominent leaders in the U.S., Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan, have made it clear that they have opposing views on the overall outcome of the bill. Here's what they had to say in regards to the dilemma:

Nancy Pelosi is ecstatic

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi applauded the decision to cancel the vote that would replace Obamacare.

She stands strong with the Democrats and has mentioned that their coming together in opposition to the American Health Care Act provided the power needed to deprive the Republican vote of repealing the nation's current healthcare plan.

Shortly after the House Speaker announced that the bill failed, Pelosi said, "Today is a great day for our country. What happened on the floor was a victory for the American people, for our seniors, for people with disabilities, for our children, for our veterans."

Paul Ryan is defeated but determined

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) stands in the opposite side of Pelosi in matter of opinion. He was certain that the bill would pass. Republicans lost the vote but Ryan still told GOP donors that the House will continue pursuing healthcare reform.

His political perspective believes that Obamacare will fall off on its own. Ryan remains confident that he will move forward on a healthcare plan that is right for the people.

He has said in response to the Trumpcare fail, "When we're in Florida, I will lay out the path forward on healthcare and all the rest of the agenda. I will explain how it all works, and how we're still moving forward on health care with other ideas and plans. So please make sure that if you come, you come. It will be good to look at what can feasibly be done and where things currently stand. But know this: we are not giving up."