Preet Bharara, “the Sheriff of Wall Street,” may have been fired but that disappearing bleep on the radar is not stopping New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. A longtime critic of President Trump, Schneidermans has hired Howard Master to carry on the work vacated by Bharara. This work, or the cases, will likely continue to focus on public corruption cases which includes those involving the Trump administration. Master has experience in working on high-profile cases like the prosecution of NY state assembly speaker Sheldon Silver. Spokesman Eric Soufer stated Masters will be working on civil and criminal investigations to include public corruption and complex civil litigation.

Eric Schneiderman has a documented history of challenging Trump’s activities. In 2013, the New York attorney general led a fraud lawsuit against the billionaire regarding complaints directed at Trump University. He has joined colleagues from other states in the fight against Trump’s climate change plans and immigration ban. Schneiderman is on the record for saying Trump’s intent to discriminate against Muslims is obvious and it undermines families, institutions and the economy.

The dangers of expected loyalty and cover-ups

The United States has been down a similar road before wherein paranoia demands frightening loyalty. Increasing reports of aides monitoring loyalty within agencies are mounting, according to the Washington Post.

Leaks coming from this administration continue to break like a major breach in the Hoover Dam. Rational reasoning dictates that not all leaks come from a held-over administration. Based upon some of the reporting, several leaks sounds like deep concerns and cries for help.

What will history say?

The Post is also reporting that each Cabinet agency has an appointee who serves as an observer who reports to the Office of Cabinet Affairs and ensures that the president’s agenda is implemented.

History has long shown how leaders, political or supposedly religious, crippled by paranoia and highly dependent on loyalty, have often led a country or a segment of people to devastating destruction. After all is said and done, will the nation crack open the history books again and how will this new chapter read?