An angry Donald Trump told media that the immediate past president, Barack Obama is behind the White House leaks and that Obama’s people were arranging protests that other Republicans have been faced with in town hall meetings. Trump was speaking on the show Fox & Friends on the Fox News channel.

Trump, in his interview, added that people do not know what is happening in the background. He thinks the former US President is behind this and his people are behind the protests. He also added that some of the leaks came from those groups and it is a serious issue as is very bad for the national security.

Obama and his people are behind angry crowds says, Donald Trump

Donald Trump said that he understood that this is politics and it would continue. This is an extraordinary allegation against the former President Barack Obama and Trump, on his part, did not have any evidence to back up his claims.

Several groups that are affiliated with the Democratic Party have helped to organize protests against Republicans. Some of the members who are taking part in the protests or supporting the protesters were affiliated with Obama’s presidential campaign. But, there is no proof that Mr. Obama was directly involved in these protests.

After Obama left office in January, he, along with his family, was seen enjoying a vacation on the private island of Richard Branson.

He was also seen visiting Broadway along with his daughter sometime last week. But, it is true that Mr. Obama did provide some political support to the protesters against Trump’s travel ban.

Trump’s administration is hit hard by multiple leaks

Donald Trump’s administration has been hit by a series of leaks within the intelligence service in the US and the White House.

Most of these leaks led to serious and embarrassing revelations. For example, Trump walking the halls of the White House in his bathrobe. The national security advisor, to the President, Michael Flynn, was forced to resign after leaks revealed that he lied about the discussions he had with the Russian ambassador to the United States prior to Trump becoming president.

Trumps gives himself high marks

In his interview with Fox News, Trump said that he would give himself high marks for his presidential accomplishments so far, but gave himself a rating of “C” for messaging, but says he rates an “A” for his accomplishments and an “A” for effort. He feels he has not been able to fully explain to the public what he had done after taking over as the president. Donald Trump added that he has done great things, but he and his people have not explained well to the American public what they’ve done.