Native American groups came together and converged on Washington Friday morning. After a long and violent struggle to fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline Project Native American groups caught a break as former President Obama shelved the pipeline. However, President Trump revived the projects and has since sparked outrage among the tribal nations. Protests against the president's decisions have erupted across the country since the day he took office and they seem to all be making their way to the capital.

March on Washington

native americans led by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe camped out at the National Mall on Thursday in anticipation for Friday's march.

They are leaders in the Native Nations Rise movement; a group dedicated to bringing justice to the indigenous peoples of America. Protests similar to this have taken place all over the country and an argument can be made that it was these protests which stopped the DAPL construction last year. As more pipelines get approval from Washington it seems as if more Native American tribes are speaking up and saying no more.

Pipelines get approval from Trump

After President Obama stopped the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline Project it seemed to many Native Tribes that took part in the protests that their voices were heard and they had won. Then Trump took office and began to approve the projects that had been shelved.

There is a lot of concern among Native Americans that if a pipeline crosses their land and bursts it could contaminate water supplies for millions of people.

The approvals have been protested by others besides Native tribes not only because of the environmental impact but also because Trump has investments tied to the pipeline which he approved.

If it seems like there is no justice to be had for the Native Americans it is a trend that has continued for a long time. Now that tribal leaders are rising up and marching for their rights the government and Trump will begin to make changes to standing policy regarding Native American relations.