Librarians everywhere are finding the courage to stand up the Trump's immigration ban. Libraries have often been safe places for the underprivileged to go to for an education. They have also been important places for immigrants to go and help get their lives organized and learn what steps they must take to become legal citizens. The people which these institutions serve have come under fire because of the new, harsh immigration orders by the Trump administration and librarians are not remaining silent about it.

What a library does for an immigrant

Libraries have a long history of aiding immigrants when they come into the United States. They provide community resources in multiple languages. They help prepare people to take their citizenship tests. They even teach immigrants English in order to become more acclimated to this particular nation. As many of the mission statements laid out by libraries read this is all in line with they were created for: a place of free education and help to the local community.

How librarians are resisting

Since the immigration ban some libraries have begun to promote books which are about immigration or immigrants. Many across the country are unfurling and hanging banners that read "Libraries are for Everyone." Some librarians are even putting together anti-Trump reading lists.

This works hand in hand with libraries choosing not to censor their materials.

One Columbia University librarian started a LibrariesResist account on Twitter which posts about the freedom of information and updates on protests regarding the President's controversial policies. It has become a regular policy for libraries to resist controversial and sometimes oppressive policies of past Presidents including the Patriot Act when they were hanging signs that warned the library goers of government surveillance tactics. If Donald Trump wants to keep America reading books and educated maybe he should begin to pay attention to the librarians across the country which are as we speak resisting his Presidency.