Mike Pence used a private email while he was the Indiana Governor to send private information which included things about Homeland Security. The current Indiana Governor, Eric Holcomb, had his apartment send out over 30 pages of emails from Pence’s private AOL email account. He discussed many topics and is trying to stop the public from viewing them, claiming that they were too confidential for the public to know. What were in these emails that the public couldn’t see? Why was Pence using a private email for important business anyway? Is it really a big deal that he was?

What was he emailing about

In the emails that were released, Pence had contacted some of his top advisors to discuss topics like homeland security, refusing Syrian refugees, and even his thoughts on the shooting at Canada’s parliament building. Pence shouldn’t have been using a private email for business since he had his own email specifically for his job as governor. While Trump ran for president, Pence attacked Hillary Clinton for having a private email account while she was secretary of State. His spokesman, Marc Lotter said that the comparison between Pence and Clinton was crazy because Clinton was exposed to extremely confidential topics in her emails, Pence wasn’t.

Why is this a big deal?

Emails have been getting hacked almost since they’ve been created, so why would Pence use a private email, which is much less protected, for business? In June, Pence’s private email was hacked. His contacts got a message from another email claiming to be Pence and his wife, Karen. They said that on their way to their hotel they had been attacked and robbed, losing their bank cards, phones, and money.

Obviously, this was a scam, and Pence emailed his contacts to apologize. Experts said this wasn’t a personal attack, which was cause for some concern. If this hack didn’t have a specific reason for it, then Pence’s email was extremely easy to hack since the hacker got hold of his contacts.

AOL emails are extremely easy to hack; just ask former CIA Director John Brennan.

In 2015, Brennan’s AOL email was hacked and posted onto WikiLeaks. Pence hasn’t wanted the public to see his emails, most of which have been deemed confidential. Pence has used a private email for himself despite the fact that it could easily be hacked into. What was Pence discussing with his advisors?