In February, Michael Moore took to Facebook to post a lengthy rant demanding a do-over of the 2016 presidential election, while simultaneously calling for President Trump to resign and for Democrats to bring Congress to a halt. On Sunday, the left-wing documentary filmmaker posted another novella of a rant on Facebook aimed at President Trump, this time insisting that, not only would it have been permissible for then-President Obama to wiretap a private U.S. citizen running for the highest office in the land, but that Obama had an "obligation" to do so.

Moore says intelligence agencies are 'nefarious institutions'

Moore began his social media ramble by stating that he had no trust in 'nefarious institutions' such the FBI, NSA or CIA because they had a history of spying on American civilians. Moore, who must have forgotten that Donald Trump was one such civilian during the time he alleges his phones were tapped by the Obama White House, then commended Barack Obama for "reining in" the aforementioned intelligence agencies during his presidency.

Moore, however, goes on to state that most patriotic citizens would agree with his opinion that Obama had an obligation to spy on then-citizen Trump:

"Not only is [it] possible that the Justice Department or the national security apparatus decided to get a warrant to dig deeper, I think most patriotic Americans would agree with me that the Obama administration HAD AN OBLIGATION to order that wiretap because an act of treason."

He continued:

"If any wiretap was ever justified -- and I would say that they RARELY are -- this would be the one time we should HOPE our government was looking out for us and protecting us."

Moore then accused Donald Trump of playing the victim:

"Make it seem that the wiretap is the crime -- instead of the ACTUAL crime that the wiretapping was going to expose -- namely, the illegal collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence officials."

There's just one problem with that statement-- it's not true

Since January it has been widely reported that the Obama White House failed to find any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

On January 19, The New York Times reported that some of these intercepted communications had been turned over to Obama's intelligence agencies.

The investigations, led by the FBI and aided by the NSA, CIA and the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Unit, found "no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing," reported the New York Times.

"One official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications had been provided to the White House," the report concluded -- thereby indicating that Michael Moore was not the only who believes that the federal government has an "obligation" to spy on American citizens.