This morning, March 16, 2017, McDonald's official Twitter account was compromised, and a rogue tweet was sent out into the wild that was very disparaging to President Donald Trump. No one yet knows who posted the message or how they gained access to McDonald's official Twitter account. It's unlikely that the public will ever truly know just exactly what happened. One thing is for certain; this is definitely not fake news. President Trump has been boldly declaring many news organizations as, "Fake news," but in his defense, the politically motivated bias being reported since he took office in January has been very obvious to citizens without political affiliation.

McDonald's compromised at the highest level

Access to the Twitter feed for any company is a direct access to the millions of fans that support their product. Twitter has become the mouthpiece from which many companies take positions and relay news to the public. The McDonald's tweet this morning read as follows: "@realDonaldTrump You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back, also you have tiny hands."

McDonald's removed the post almost immediately

While McDonald's stepped in and did the right thing and removed the rogue post right away, that didn't prevent the public from liking and retweeting the message almost 900 times. As many people know, once something is posted on the internet it never really ever goes away and screenshots of the insult hurled at the President of the United States have been posted all over social media this morning as the news disseminates across the internet.

McDonald's officially quiet on the Twitter hack

So far, McDonald's has had zero official response to explain how the hack occurred or if an employee was the cause of the insults to President Trump being posted on social media. While it's easy to speculate what happened, surely a company as large as McDonald's will come clean soon enough and explain their position and how their social media accounts were used to insult President Trump.