A recent video by progressive online newscasters The Young Turks, featured a new coalition between political groups Justice Democrats, of which TYT founder Cenk Uygur was an integral part of the formation of, and Brand New Congress, another progressive group seeking, among other goals, to completely replace Congress. The TYT founder stated that it is "blowing up." Mr. Uygur reported new "unified" numbers for the two group, which he described as "great." The Justice Democrats-Brand New Congress coalition has attracted a combined 217,651 supporters, as of Wednesday.

The TYT founder described some observers questioning whether or not new, progressive groups on the left can really "gain any traction." Uygur asked how many other liberal or progressive political movements have attracted the amount of support both Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress have to this point. In addition to more than 200,000 people signing up as supporters, $1.02 million has been raised. "Just like that, we've got some real money on our hands," Uygur said to those who questioned the ability of the groups to attract contributions; he also noted that a number of those involved have experience working for the presidential campaign of U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, whose fundraising success has been viewed as representing a paradigm shift within the Democratic Party.

Average donation size of $24.51

Cenk Uygur placed responsibility for the success of the initiatives square on "you guys," the TYT viewers. He explained that the new wing of the Democratic Party does not accept contributions from "big donors," nor "corporate," nor "PAC" money. The TYT host described supporters of the progressive movement putting Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress "on the map," and cited members of the establishment media saying that the attention and money the progressive upstart has attracted is "real." Thirty nominees have already attended "candidate training," with the coalition.

The TYT founder explained the goal of the wing, and how money raised will be spent, running progressive candidates against establishment Democrats in primaries. The million-dollar-plus coffers of the movement is said to have been contributed by 41,793 donors, giving an average donation size of $24.51. Uygur called the movement a "populist" one, whose goal is to run regular people in primaries, including "doctors, veterans, nurses," and "teachers." In less than two months, the combined number of nominees the Justice Democrats-Brand New Congress coalition has attracted is 8,387.

"Four rounds of vetting," will pare nominees back to a selection of the very best candidates to represent the coalition.

TYT host predicts establishment Democrats will be 'shocked'

Nomi Konst, with TYT, observed how expensive traditional Democratic campaigns have been, and stated that "they don't need to be." Ms. Konst predicted that establishment Democrats are going to be "shocked" when they are beaten in primaries by "regular people," "with a lot less money." John Iadarola, also with TYT, offered the opinion that the Justice Democrats-Brand New Congress coalition is "leveraging technology" to reach the electorate, and how the group has learned that the internet can be used for "so much more" than merely raising money.