A rare Sonic Boom caused by a falling Meteor caused slight panic in Texas on Sunday. A police officer's dash cam caught footage of the fiery rock falling through the sky and there were many reports of a loud boom. People called the American Meteor Society (AMS), reporting a mysterious explosion, not knowing that the ‘explosion’ was actually a sonic boom.

How large was the boom

A sonic boom caused by the meteor is actually an extremely rare occurrence, and it happened when the meteor was about 10 miles into the atmosphere and was so loud it was not only heard by people in Texas, but in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas too.

It was also so large it was seen in these states too.

People on social media described the meteor as big, bright, and close, as said by Lauren Modery on twitter. She continued on in another tweet, describing the meteor with a green/blue tail that was fiery, and thought it was close enough to fall onto the highway she was on. A member of the Snyder Volunteer Fire Department said he heard a thunder-like noise, which was followed by a flash of light, comparing it to when an electrical transformer flashes at night. People have also said that they could see their friends clear as day despite the fact that it was dark and around 9:00 pm.

Who caught this spectacular event?

A dash cam of police officer Tiffany Vanzant was released by her department, allowing people to see a very rare sight; an actual meteor falling, and so close too.

Vanzant says the meteor fell right above the Parker County Courthouse, located in Texas.

The video was posted on YouTube with 150,000+ views. The video shows the meteor being followed by a blazing tail that appears to be white. The department that released the video said that Vanzant had a front row seat to an amazing show and that with some editing, you could now see the meteor clearly just as they had.

According to some eyewitnesses, doors, windows, and windows of their houses were shaking when the sonic boom came. Before anyone knew this was a meteor and not an explosion, a sonic boom caused by a falling meteor caused slight panic in Texas on Sunday.